Who? Me? Yes me!

Who am I?

I am a full stack software designer for web and mobile with a solid technical background, currently working at Etteplan More in Tampere, where I first started as a trainee in March 2019, as part of the excellent Code Academy recruitment program of Saranen Consulting. I am really enjoying being part of a highly professional team, building high quality web and mobile software solutions, using React/React Native, C#/.NET, Javascript, native bridging of iOS (Swift/Objective C) and Android (Java) apps, designing and integrating REST APIs, HTML/CSS, PHP, Wordpress, and managing resources on Azure Cloud for big renowned companies that require the best quality of code.

I love to deliver highly professional work, bring the best of the team and strive with creativity and never ending perseverance. I am this kind of person who has a lot of integrity, valuing frequent communication and transparency both within the team and towards customers. I love to take new challenges and know how to be solution oriented in the terms of adversity.

I have a long background in the web development industry, both as a freelancer and working in teams since 2005 when I first started hand coding websites in HTML/CSS. In 2018 I obtained a 2 year university level diploma as a frontend/backend web developer at IMAGE Formation in Nimes (France). I choose the best suitable technology stack for the project at hand and am always willing to learn new skills.

I love working in Finland, where I find myself amongst very open minded people who have a high technological level. That's one of the main reasons why I moved to Finland in 2018, the other one being that I have my family here. I am very communicative and love to contribute to a great team, having an attitude of service, willing to create the best experience for customers and end users and to deliver excellent work. I have a pixel perfect eye and love to realise beautiful and functional applications.

In my free time I love to practice Salsa or classical music on the piano, inspire people by playing for dance events with my harp, flutes, drums and looper, train in a gym, go running or skiing, and spend quality time with my family and friends in the nature.

Discover my skills
Raphael Pinel

Versatility and constant innovation



  • advanced HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, flexbox, CSS grid, animations, SASS
  • Strong with Javascript, ES6
  • Proficient with React
  • Solid experience with React Native, base of Flutter
  • Exploring Native iOS with Swift, Mobile ecosystems: provisioning, Apple developer, XCode debugging.


  • REST API with C# and .NET
  • OOP PHP7 and Symfony 4: strong base: routing, controllers, CRUD, multilingual sites, security and authentication, mailing, custom templates, creation of custom admin interfaces/CMS, setting up a search function, custom query with the Doctrine ORM or SQL, unit testing, deployment.
  • Databases: relational (mySQL, Postgres), good knowledge of SQL language, custom queries, noSQL (mongoDB)
  • Wordpress: setup and configuration, database management, phpMyadmin, plugins, eCommerce: Woocommerce, Zencart
  • Cloud: Azure Fundamentals AZ900 Certification

Graphic Design

  • Photoshop: Good level. Editing of photos and logos, optimisation for web.
  • InDesign: creation of flyers, posters, CD covers

Audio & Video

  • Good audio and studio skills: Recording with Logic Pro X or Ableton Live, mixing, EQ, effects, basic mastering, arrangement and composition.
  • video capture, video editing with Final Cut Pro X: mixing different cameras, subtitles, audio sync, upload to youtube or Vimeo

Hosting and Network

  • Deployment on Firebase, Heroku, AWS serverless, base of Docker / Kubernetes, CD/CI with git
  • FTP and SSH configuration
  • domain name registration, nameservers
  • cpanel
  • .htaccess editing, forwarding
  • mail client configuration
  • basic knowledge of local networks, IP address, setting up network printers and workgroups, Mac, Windows, Unix

Soft skills

  • Languages: Very good level of English spoken + written (C1), French (mother language), German (lived 10 years in Germany, University certificate C1), Finnish: good conversational level B1.1
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Team work, openness to share, collaborate, honesty, heart centered
  • Positive attitude, solution oriented
  • Capacity for hard work, focus and discipline
  • Love for learning, growing, allowing mistakes and taking risks
  • Strive towards excellence, doing a good job, attitude of service.
  • Good stress management. Alternate focus periods with breaks, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques, Qi-qong.
  • Resourceful, taking initiative