Who? Me? Yes me!

Who am I?

I am a French artist. I've been a professional harp player for many years and am now heading towards a career as a web developer, a world that I've been exploring since 2004. As much as I love to play music in front of an audience and touch people's hearts with my compositions and free improvisations, I love to connect to people by coding. It is my joy to sit down and write code. I am heading to write my code towards more and more elegance and simplicity. I do have the ambition to deliver excellent work, a strong work ethic and the willingness to constantly learn and grow.

My aspiration is to learn to create great applications that are simple, functional, beautiful and fun to work with. Together in an uplifting team of developers.

That's why I just moved to Tampere, Finland in November 2018 actively looking for a job as a web developer. I think that you Finns have one of the best mix of innovative work culture, high technological standards, and the drive to deliver and to create value for others. That's where I feel my new home is. I'm here to serve!

My values are about respect, caring and service. I value differences and openness. I am more for collaboration than competition, except when it is used as a constructive and stimulating way. I believe anybody can learn, grow and reach their dreams. I am optimistic and am cultivating gratitude on a daily basis. I love to challenge myself, exercise courage and discipline, and also grow in love and patience. I cherish natural medicine, healthy food, exercise (I love running, yoga and kettlebell) and contact with nature... even diving in cold lakes :-)

I've been together in love with Chintana, my Finnish girlfriend for 10 years now and we have a beautiful 6 year old boy together called Elian who just started to go to the Steiner kindergarten in Tampere. We are happy to settle now in Tampere and eager to meet new people here.

Discover my skills
Raphael Pinel

Versatility and constant innovation



  • advanced HTML5
  • advanced CSS3, responsive design, flexbox, CSS grid, animations, SASS
  • Good level of Javascript, ES6 syntax
  • React and ReactNative, bases of Angular 7
  • Other libraries: jQuery, Bootstrap 4, Fontawesome, Google fonts, creating custom fonts and icons.


  • Node.js with express: good base.
  • OOP PHP7 and Symfony 4: strong base: routing, controllers, CRUD, multilingual sites, security and authentication, mailing, custom templates, creation of custom admin interfaces/CMS, setting up a search function, custom query with the Doctrine ORM or SQL, unit testing, deployment.
  • Databases: relational (mySQL, Postgres), good knowledge of SQL language, custom queries, noSQL (mongoDB)
  • Wordpress: setup and configuration, database management, phpMyadmin, plugins, eCommerce: Woocommerce, Zencart
  • daily use of git and the command line

Graphic Design

  • Photoshop: Good level. Editing of photos and logos, optimisation for web.
  • InDesign: creation of flyers, posters, CD covers

Audio & Video

  • Good audio and studio skills: Recording with Logic Pro X or Ableton Live, mixing, EQ, effects, basic mastering, arrangement and composition.
  • video capture, video editing with Final Cut Pro X: mixing different cameras, subtitles, audio sync, upload to youtube or Vimeo

Hosting and Network

  • Deployment on Firebase, Heroku, AWS serverless, base of Docker / Kubernetes, CD/CI with git
  • FTP and SSH configuration
  • domain name registration, nameservers
  • cpanel
  • .htaccess editing, forwarding
  • mail client configuration
  • basic knowledge of local networks, IP address, setting up network printers and workgroups, Mac, Windows, Unix

Soft skills

  • Languages: Very good level of English spoken + written (C1), French (mother language), German (lived 10 years in Germany, University certificate C1), Finnish: good conversational level B1.1
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Team work, openness to share, collaborate, honesty, heart centered
  • Positive attitude, solution oriented
  • Capacity for hard work, focus and discipline
  • Love for learning, growing, allowing mistakes and taking risks
  • Strive towards excellence, doing a good job, attitude of service.
  • Good stress management. Alternate focus periods with breaks, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques, Qi-qong.
  • Resourceful, taking initiative



I started to build websites in 2004. Back then I was creating HTML and CSS websites from scratch. I then later added PHP and Javascript functionalities. From 2013 on I've been setting up Wordpress websites. In 2018 I went deeper into Javascript/ES6, Node.js and React and built backend web applications using OOP PHP and the Symfony 4 framework. Altogether I have built almost 30 projects, 25 being real life websites. Here are some of them. I am currently (2019) focusing on building projects with React and Redux. Click below to sort them by technologies.

Trains Informations App with React

Coin Flipper App with React

I had fun building this project

  • animations to flip coin in 3d
  • loader while waiting...
  • counting heads and tails and passing it as props
  • Deployment on netlify with CI/CD from github
Hosted project: Github repository:
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Trains Informations App with React

Burger App with React and Redux

I built this project from scratch. It retrieves information from an API and gives back real time information about trains schedules

  • using and configuring libraries like React-select and React-tabs
  • fetching API and transforming data
  • translation with i18next
  • Deployment on Firebase
Hosted project: Github repository:
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Burger Builder App with React/Redux

Burger App with React and Redux

A course project to configure a burger by adding ingredients, entering contact details and save orders in a database.

  • React router
  • Redux for state management of price and ingredients
  • ingredients and orders are stored in a firebase database
  • Deployment on Firebase
  • Prevent user to order if there are no ingredients added
  • Alert if too many ingredients are added
  • Spinner while loading data
  • responsive navigation
  • Soon: authentication
Hosted project: Github repository:
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iOS Calculator Clone with React

Burger App with React and Redux

I recreated from scratch a calculator including design and functionality

  • Custom CSS with Flexbox to recreate an (almost) perfect copy
  • respecting precedence of operations (x and / over + and -)
  • taking care of Javascript rounding errors
  • formatting numbers by groups of 3 digits
  • switching to exponential notation so that numbers always fit the screen
  • inverse numbers
Hosted project: Github repository:
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Counter App with React/Redux

Counter App with React Redux

A course project to where you can implement, decrement, add, subtract, store and delete results

  • React components
  • Redux for state management of counter and results
  • Deployment on Firebase
Hosted project: Github repository:
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Kindle clone Backend with PHP/Symfony

Kindle clone backend with Php Symfony

As my certification project at IMAGE Formation Training 2018 I did in 4 days the working backend of a (fake) ebook download side.

  • The HTML/CSS template was provided. I only worked on making things work (backend)
  • Complete analyse of the different classes and entities required. UML class and use case diagrams
  • creation of a MySQL database to store the ebooks
  • User authentication and login with different roles
  • Creation of a modal/popup to download
  • Setting up different pricing plans to restrict downloads
  • Working contact form
  • 3 testimonials displayed in random order
  • Version control with git and deployment on Heroku
please be patient as the project is hosted on a free heroku plan that needs to start dynos. It may take up to 20 seconds to load: Github repository:
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Events Agenda Backend with PHP/Symfony

Events Agenda backend with Php Symfony

As my blank certification project at IMAGE Formation Training 2018 I did in 4 days the working backend of a (fake) events agenda side.

  • The HTML/CSS template was provided. I only worked on making things work (backend)
  • Complete analyse of the different classes and entities required. UML class and use case diagrams
  • Conversion of the HTML files in a twig template
  • making navigation work
  • creation of a MySQL database to store the events
  • Admin interface to manage events
  • Coded the search function on the events page with different criteria
  • Contact form and Newsletter registration
  • Version control with git and deployment on Heroku
please be patient as the project is hosted on a free heroku plan that needs to start dynos. It may take up to 20 seconds to load: Gitlab repository:
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Patatap Clone

Patatap Clone App

I coded this app as part of the Web Development Bootcamp online course by Colt Steele on Udemy

  • Use of the paper.js javascript library
  • Using Javascript Dom manipulations to trigger sounds and bubbles with every key press
  • Initial instructions get hidden at first key press
Gitlab repository:
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Simple To Do List App with React

React simple To Do List App

a nice and simple app originally coded with jQuery and now refactored with React

  • I first coded this app as part of the Web Development Bootcamp online course by Colt Steele on Udemy using Dom manipulations with jQuery.
  • You can add items and delete them
Github repository:
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Presence of the Heart

Presence du Coeur

Conception and realisation of a multilingual wordpress website for my partner Chintana Seppä, who is a practitioner in Craniosacral Biodynamics, an excellent massage therapist and a dance therapy workshops leader.

  • Choice, installation and configuration of a wordpress premium theme
  • Configuration of the multilingual plugin (WPML) for three languages
  • Hosting and domain configuration
  • Setting up a business Facebook page
  • Newsletter solutions with Mailjet
  • Security, https and SSL certificate setup with Cloudflare
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Trio Melido

Trio Melido

Conception and realisation of a HTML5/CSS3 multilingual website for a German jazz trio I was part of. 2018 : update, responsive design, cleaner design and code.

  • Site initially created in 2004, radically transformed in 2004 and again in 2018.
  • 2018: responsive navigation based on Bootstrap 4
  • 2018: multimedia content now streamed with Soundcloud and Youtube to replace the obsolete Flash technology
  • 2018: Transformation in a one-page site in order to allow the user to keep listening to music while discovering the other contents of the site.
  • 2018: Adaptation of navigation with Javascript
  • 2018: upgrade of the CSS styles
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Rhein River Guesthouse

Rhein River Guesthouse

Realisation of a multilingual website with HTML/CSS/PHP for a bed & breakfast near Cologne, Germany.

  • Website Structure including headers, footers, navigation with PHP includes, languages choices
  • SEO Optimisation through content and links
  • Successful Google Adwords campaign management. Despite a tough concurrence in the area and the difficulty to be referenced by Google, we managed to generate 40000 Euro of income the first year and 60000 Euro the 2nd year. This was due to a targeted cost-effective advertisement strategy I was leading.
  • Maintenance and site update 2006-2009
  • Image size Optimization for better performances
  • Teamwork
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Thomas Hamann

Sculpture by Thomas Hamann

Conception and realisation of a trilingual website in German/English/French, hard coded and hand coded in HTML/CSS/PHP for the German sculptor and paintor Thomas Hamann. Thomas was a very good friend of mine and an internationally recognized artist who was regularly having exhibitions in an important art gallery in Paris.

  • Site created in 2010
  • Photo gallery with javascript plugins
  • Creation of a slideshow on the welcome page, originally with flash, replaced by HTML5 in 2018.
  • Dropdown navigation with javascript plugins.
  • Dynamic include of header, footer and navigation with PHP.
  • Creation of the banner with Photoshop based on a sculpture, including links for changing language.
  • Email addresses in the Contact section are ASCII encoded to prevent spam.

Update Aril 9th 2018 : Thomas or "Tom" as we used to call him left us yesterday, taken by a cancer. I am touched by the beauty of this heart that we can feel in his art and grateful to have been his friend. He was a man with a big heart and depth of being. All my thoughts of gratitude and love are flying towards him. He lived a good and fulfilled life and made people happy around him. I and all those who knew him will always remember him.

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Flow Fine Art

Flow Fine Art Gallery

Realisation of a multilingual website in HTML/CSS for our community art gallery near Cologne, Germany

  • Creation, maintenance et site update 2006-2009
  • Teamwork with designers and artists.
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How did I become a web developer?

My journey


Born in 1975 in a musicians family in Cherbourg, Normandy, I've been surrounded by music since even before my birth. I did frequent trips to Ireland with my father as a child, where I discovered a passion for traditional Irish music. I learned the tin-whistle, the concertina, the Celtic harp. I got early experience of playing in front of an audience by playing on the street with my father as a teenager. Later I also took jazz piano lessons, learned the basics of drums, oriental and afro percussions and the trumpet to later focus on the harp, playing my own compositions: meditative music, improvisation, Latin jazz, Afro-Celtic adventures.

I've always been a fast learner, I had good grades at school in almost every subject. I developed early on the skills to know how to get resources as an autodidact and to take charge of my own learning journey. With a strong rational mind, I did a scientific baccalaureate (mathematics and physics) in 1993 and had high grades in English and German as well. I then studied music and got a university degree in music in Rennes. I won awards and prices as a harp player and improviser.

Music has brought me both a sense of rigorous structured and disciplined thinking and an openness for intuition and creativity. I developed good team playing and communication skills, knowing how to listen and to bring emotion together.

Raphael Pinel playing the harp in concert

Lots of travels...

Focusing on playing my own compositions on the harp I travelled the world. I played in international jazz festivals with different bands. With a natural talent for languages, I've been living in different coutries: my first 22 years in France, then 3 years in Canada, 10 years in Germany, then back to France, to finally move to Tampere, Finland in November 2018. I became fluent in English and German and got a basic conversational level of Finnish since when we met with my Finnish girlfriend 10 years ago. I've been travelling through all Europe: the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland... and outside Europe: around 6 times to India, 3 years in Canada, to the USA, South Korea and Australia.

These frequent travels have deeply expanded my mind, have brought me an openness for people, a respect for differences, a strong sense of communication and good listening skills. I am practicing and deepening my English skills daily by constantly researching, actively learning with video courses, podcasts, youtube, which is really coming handy for web development of course, and for finding just any resource on any subject, aspiring to keeping myself on the cutting edge and connecting everywhere to meaningful people.

Arunachala Mountain, India January 2018

My beginnings of web development

In 2004, living in Cologne, Germany, I attempted to build my first website as a professional harp player. 2005-2009 I joined the Open Sky House community, a meditative and artistic community, where I met a mentor, Lin Fuchshuber, who had been a lead senior developer at web.de, one of the biggest portals in Germany. She coached me to build websites from scratch using HTML, CSS and the basics of PHP and Javascript and taught me the best practices. Soon I became webmaster of the community websites, did set up an e-commerce with zencart for OpenSkyPress (our book publisher company), developed a website for our guesthouse, (including managing a strong google adwords campaign which was really successful), then for our seminar business, our art gallery, followed by websites for other fellow musicians and artists, a sculptor, a photographer, a therapist, a recording studio, my local martial art school...

I soon became fluent in finding online resources to achieve any goal, be it to encrypt an email address, include a gallery with jQuery, a navigation in PHP or configure a payment gateway. I've enjoyed more and more these challenges that constantly require me to learn, adapt and grow.

web development

When my father died: my new career choice

In January 2018 my father died and this started a questioning of my career path. As a retired music teacher and violin player himself, he was supporting myself financially and encouraging me to focus on my music. Even though I've been enjoying touching people's hearts with my music, I didn't have enough concerts to sustain myself and my family financially with music only in a stable way, especially now that so much music is available for free. And I prefer to keep music as independant as possible from financial pressure. So I was looking for an alternative career path.

One idea strongly made sense and opened my heart: To become a professional web developer. I had some skills and experience, I just needed to dive more deeply and focus more. As trained as I was in finding online resources, from March 2018 on, I took courses in Udemy to put myself up to date with the current state of technology, starting with The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele, Modern React with Redux by Stephen Grider, The complete guide to Angular 6 by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, The complete Javascript Course: build real projects by Jonas Schmedtmann, The Complete React Native and Redux Course and Advanced CSS & SASS by Jonas Schmedtmann. As of writing these lines I have completed an average of 26% of all these courses so far which helped me to build already a strong basis of knowledge and practical skills, and an ability to learn new languages and frameworks more easily.

Then I decided to do a 5 months full-time training at the IMAGE Training Center in Nîmes, South France. My experience of webdesign and frontend development allowed me to take directly the backend course. I went deeply into SQL, PHP7, the Symfony framework, Javascript, and Node.js. I just successfully completed my exams in August and as of November 2018 I am actively looking for a company for a job as a junior developer. After having worked for 7 weeks in a company, I will get my certification as a full-stack web developer (RNCP level III, which is equivalent to a two-year university degree or Baccalaureate + 2).

career as a web developer

My Future: where I am heading towards

I see myself working with a team of passionate developers in a company that has a nice spirit of excellence, of collaboration, of technological innovation, that delivers great value and ease of use for customers. A company where people can be themselves and are thriving, are caring and helping each other to be the best version of themselves.

On a technical level I see myself learning React and ReactNative, Node.js, maybe Vue.js, experimenting with graphQL, mongoDB, building Restful APIs, being flexible enough to dive into whichever technology and tools will be relevant for my work along the way.

I will continue to play music and compose, travel from times to times for concerts and meeting friends, in a way that feels relaxed, refreshing, freed and backed up financially by my stable job as a web developer.

I see myself settling down in Tampere, buying our own house close to the nature, enjoying seeing our now 6-year old son Elian growing, speaking both French and Finnish, happy and in close contact to his Finnish grandparents and his 7 cousins of around the same age. I want to be the best version of myself and provide a secure base, financially and emotionally, so that my family can thrive and we can create positive ripples and inspire other people as well by doing meaningful work and touching other people's hearts. That's how I see my contribution in creating a better world.

my future in Tampere as a web developer